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HYDRA DIVISION V is a TBM/Aggrotech project from Greece, which has released its debut album Ostracized is April. We've got it contact with Vincent (the project's founder) in order to know his future plans.

Greetings from Belarus!

Greetings from Hellas and thank you very much for your interest in HYDRA DIVISION V and for this interview!

Some time ago Slavs and Greeks were living alongside and now, since 1000 years, a Greek project HYDRA DIVISION V releases an album on a Russian label Artificial Sun. Tell me, how did you cooperated?

Indeed. Well, it is really important for me that the label sees its bands as separate entities with their own personal identity and has a more close relationship and more direct, when I came across Artificial Sun this was of the considered advantages, which is also very important for when a band actually makes its first steps. Artificial Sun was right from the beginning of our contact interested in HYDRA DIVISION V and made me feel really welcome so the choice was really obvious!

As far as I know, Ostracized is your debut album, but the project itself was founded in 2006 or even earlier in 2004?

Yes, Ostracized is indeed the HYDRA DIVISION V debut album but the project was founded sometime in 2005. Musical experimentations existed even before that but they just were not enough at the time being to form a project yet.

Most of your tracks are devoted to violence. Why did you choose exactly this theme?

I would not exactly say that the songs are devoted to violence but to what pushes the people to acts of violence of any form. I chose the specific theme not out of the need to praise violence as it is commonly seen in many songs or in many wannabe bad ass bands (regardless the music genre) but in order to sound sarcastic and ironic towards the specific phenomenon. Most of the lyrics are way too simple and straight or may even seem mindless in order to achieve this.

On the back of the Ostracized CD cover the tracklist is divided into 3 parts. Why?

This resembles the two different periods of the songs from which the album consists of and the third section is the remixes part.
The first part consists of the most recent songs composed and produced in 2012 where the second part consists of the songs composed and during 2005-2006 and produced in 2010. In a manner of speaking the album is divided in the early days songs and the most recent ones.

Russian speaking listeners has taken your work very good, and your album has taken the 8th place in charts by Bunker-magazine. But what can you tell about European listeners, how do they like Ostracized?

First of all I would really like to thank the Russian listeners for their interest and support and of course for placing HYDRA DIVISION V with Ostracized on the 8th place, this really means a lot and I am really honoured by this!!!
Actually the biggest part of feedback I get is from Russia and only a small amount of feedback at least for the time being I get from European listeners but what I get is quite positive and encouraging Id say.

Keeping in mind that you have apart from HYDRA DIVISION V a few more projects, what inspires you to compose music?

Definitely it is the desire to express myself in this way in the first place and the desire to create something personal. Each project has a different approach on music and sound and of course different things affect my inspiration regarding them. The procedure with each project is also very different, for example iNsCissorS is more layered and mental (always in my opinion at least) where HYDRA DIVISION V is more straight and direct. Things that may inspire me for HYDRA DIVISION V are more close to what we experience in everyday life.

Why did you choose exactly Aggrotech genre, but not a more popular one Dark Electro?

I would say that it came along naturally because upon beginning to work on the specific project I only had in mind to make some straight aggressive electronic music.

What are your plans for HYDRA DIVISION V? A kind of a new work within the project?

I have already started to work on new material for a next album or EP. What I can say at this point is that it will sound different, much different than Ostracized. I do not yet know how this will sound in the end but it will definitely be more atmospheric and layered, enriched with various musical elements from different genres.

Nowadays Greece presents a lot of perfect projects to the world. What do you think about that, maybe it will became a new Greek-school for the industrial music, like Belgian or USA one?

The fact alone that many projects/bands rise is indeed something good although we are talking mainly for electronic music which nowadays is something so easy to be achieved by just anyone with a laptop and a cracked music software and this anyone may even have no damn clue of what a synth is.
The sound of the Hellenic bands is uneven and up to now at least in my opinion there is not some common unique characteristic shared in some way in order to form such a school. Yet, I have chosen not to consider my self with the Hellenic scene for various reasons so I may not be the one who is to say if there is indeed the potential for a Greek-school industrial sound to be brought forth as my opinion may not be objective.

Thank you for the interview, waiting for you in Minsk!

I thank you wholeheartedly once again for your time and interested and for this interview as well as this goes for all who took the time to read it! I really wish to have the chance to perform in Minsk, lets hope this comes true!
I am sending you my warmest wishes and regards and may you always be well!


: 24 Nov 2013
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